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Watching a New Dawn

One week until Viridis arrives. Are you ready?

Halloween Sneak Peek

In honor of Halloween, have an unsettling scene from the novel itself! Make sure to order the novel either on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or a signed copy here!   Private Jade Cavvar entered the Taotar base’s community bathroom, the facility dark and abandoned. Long shadows stretched across the floor,…

A Glimpse (1)

A small look at the world of Viridis. Please consider checking more information out about my novel by clicking the “current projects” link on the right hand side!   Jade stood on the cusp of the battlefield. Sand danced in the air, picked up with the slight breeze over the…

[Closed] Call for betas!

[Closed, thank you!] Hello! If you’ve gotten here, then you’re interested in being a beta for my novel, Viridis! I’m so honored that you’re considering doing this for me. A little about the book, before we get down to business: After years of fighting a war she doesn’t believe in,…


Thaddeous returned with two bottles of wine and a pair of glasses in his hands. He placed his load on the side table and poured them both a cupful. He handed one to Jade before he sat on the chair next to her bed and took a sip from his….