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Welcome to Winter Publishing, official home of Lauren Hemphill’s writings and other small projects. Fiction is the primary focus here, but you will occasionally see nonfiction, poetry, and even some photography. All writing pieces are subject to change, but you may end up seeing them influence my novels and short stories.

So please, grab some tea, and stay a while.

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The Movies

When I was in seventh grade, a boy from the eighth grade table turned, tapped me on the shoulder, and grinned. With a mouthful of food, he pressed his hands to his chest and sneered. “Do you think you would want to go out with me?” he asked, barely able…


Aren’t you afraid of how far you’ll fly if you jump? What a silly question. Of course I am.


Aren’t you scared of failing? Aren’t you scared of climbing up this mountain only to fall off it? To plummet below and find yourself broken at the bottom, unable to even stand? Do you fear the rocks that bite into your hands, the missteps that cause you to stumble? As…


When I learned about marital sex, I was afraid. A lifetime of partnership hindered by moments of discomfort and disgust. I knew it was expected of both individuals. I knew I would be expected to submit. I figured if I could survive the wedding night, the rest of the years…

Blood Draws

I’ve never enjoyed blood draws. The idea of something piercing through your skin and stabbing into a vein supposedly protected makes my head spin and my stomach drop. It’s hard for me to lay still when I know what’s coming. The jab, the bite, the horrible, sinking feeling as my…

On Anger

Two days ago, my mother asked me if I thought I was aggressive when I stepped away from a man who invaded my personal space. I said yes, I probably had been, but if he was a good man he would understand I was uncomfortable. She said she worried she…

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