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Welcome to Winter Publishing, official home of Lauren Hemphill’s writings and other small projects. Fiction is the primary focus here, but you will occasionally see nonfiction, poetry, and even some photography. All writing pieces are subject to change, but you may end up seeing them influence my novels and short stories.

So please, grab some tea, and stay a while.

Latest Postings

On Anger

Two days ago, my mother asked me if I thought I was aggressive when I stepped away from a man who invaded my personal space. I said yes, I probably had been, but if he was a good man he would understand I was uncomfortable. She said she worried she…

Remember what’s important

My mom says you remember what’s important to you. Whenever I would forget to do chores, or forget homework, she would remind me to find these tasks important so I would remember to do them. I did my best. I committed schedules to my mind, repeating them relentlessly so I…

Choices and Rings

When I was a suicidal teenager, I was forced to attend church camp. I travelled up in a van with my uncle, my soon-to-be aunt, and several other couples. Two of the other girls had promise rings. They were simple, a silver band with a few jewels inlaid in it,…

How to Love the Perfect Husband

Coffee with a splash of milk is the only way to drink it. It works better if you’re lactose intolerant.              Bonus points if your stomach can’t handle coffee.   It’s comforting at first. Warm, delicious. Everything is normal. You have no suspicions.   It takes some time for…

Watching a New Dawn

One week until Viridis arrives. Are you ready?

To the Female Writer

You aren’t really a writer. Let’s be honest here, this is just a hobby. If you think you can make a living out of this, then maybe you really should go to a mental institution with the rest of the silly, husbandless women. It’s best just to admit now that…

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