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Welcome to Winter Publishing, official home of Lauren Hemphill’s writings and other small projects. Fiction is the primary focus here, but you will occasionally see nonfiction, poetry, and even some photography. All writing pieces are subject to change, but you may end up seeing them influence my novels and short stories.

So please, grab some tea, and stay a while.

Latest Postings

How to Love the Perfect Husband

Coffee with a splash of milk is the only way to drink it. It works better if you’re lactose intolerant.              Bonus points if your stomach can’t handle coffee.   It’s comforting at first. Warm, delicious. Everything is normal. You have no suspicions.   It takes some time for…

Watching a New Dawn

One week until Viridis arrives. Are you ready?

To the Female Writer

You aren’t really a writer. Let’s be honest here, this is just a hobby. If you think you can make a living out of this, then maybe you really should go to a mental institution with the rest of the silly, husbandless women. It’s best just to admit now that…

The Bobcat’s Rain

As a child, I often lost myself to adventures within my own mind. I’d escape my body and instead find myself riding on the backs of dragons, or being hunted by some immense, destructive presence, bent on killing me before I could save the world. Wherever I went within my…

Halloween Sneak Peek

In honor of Halloween, have an unsettling scene from the novel itself! Make sure to order the novel either on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or a signed copy here!   Private Jade Cavvar entered the Taotar base’s community bathroom, the facility dark and abandoned. Long shadows stretched across the floor,…

To-Do List

To-Do List:   X   Milk (Lactose Free!!)   X   Eggs (Half Dozen) ___ Lettuce   X   Spring Mix (for salad?) ___ Oatmeal   X   Check on Em Her   X   Pretend things are fine (Laugh!!!)   X   Keep smiling ___ Don’t mention Em (Don’t do it, Lauren)   X   Assure…

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