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After years of fighting a war she doesn’t believe in, Jade Cavvar is being awarded for her efforts. But when an assassin makes an attempt on her life, Jade is forced down a path she never dreamed she’d walk. Stolen away from her home, she is brought to the land of her enemy, where she must discover her reason for living and scramble to find a way to stop the war before it ends in the death of millions.

And while she battles for freedom, her best friend, Aris Sell, must grapple with Jade’s disappearance. Her paranoia forces her to scrutinize those she’s battled alongside for years, and when she unveils a secret hidden from the masses, she triggers irreversible events that threaten everyone in the Known Galaxy.


Small snippets of my life that hold some meaning to me.


A family that loves her, despite their death.

Friends that care, despite their destruction.

Hunted by beasts with faces of darkness, Katara keeps her abilities secret. Though she attends a school with other “special children” – who live with powers and secrets of their own – she keeps hers shrouded in mystery. But her secret doesn’t prove to be the most dangerous, nor does her hunted life. Instead, the massacring of healers, who have the ability to save lives, throws everyone into peril. Only one survived the killing: Alex, a close friend. Life shatters into chaos as the world explodes with war. Pulled into its midst are three friends in control of fire, power, and healing. Yet the secrets keep coming as the past is resurrected from its burial ground. Sanity slips as those whom Katara cares for have targets on their backs. Everything is a choice. Will Katara’s prove to be enough to save those she loves?

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