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Main Characters

Jade Cavvar, pictured above, is the main character of Viridis. A stubborn, rash redhead woven with muscle and scars who finds herself at odds with her beliefs. She struggles with a past damaged by the war, and fights for a future where she no longer has to see her friends suffer on the battlefield.

Aris Sell, pictured above, is the secondary main character of Viridis. As Jade’s best friend, Aris serves as the brains to the brawns in most scenarios, tempering Jade’s rashness with common sense. While she’s likely to hold a grudge, her loyalty and cunning has gotten her and Jade out of many tight situations.


Supporting Roles

A’doxia Calavar, featured above, is a Thrax general fueled by her desires and infatuations.

Thaddeous Malkov, featured above, is a mysterious man who takes particular interest in Jade.


Salene Vyrr, pictured above, is a friend to both Aris and Jade. Having lost the use of her legs in the war, she now lives with her parents as she struggles to find a new life for herself.


The War

Opes Symbol

The Exuro Empire: A largely capitalistic society, this Empire has an ever-growing army branch, known as the Opes. Jade Cavvar and Aris Sell are under the rule of the Opes and seen as second-class citizens by the Empire.


Thrax Symbol

The Thrax: A society fueled by the desire to protect its citizens. They oppose the Exuro in the war.


The Planets

Nevar: The home planet of the Exuro, once populated by the arachnid people known as the snippers. Now it is overpopulated, polluted, and brimming with towering cities.

Soldar: The home planet of the Thrax.

Sobek: A forested planet segmented into floating islands that hover on magnetic fields above the ocean. Heavily fought over in the war.

Taotar: A desert planet with a secondary orbiting star, which makes days impossible to survive for most sentient life. It is rumored there were once people who lived on the planet, but they have not been seen or otherwise discovered. Fought over in the war.

Sypher: A massive planet, home to the sypher people. It is neutral in the war, and is a trading post for anyone who has the money to pay.

Hallow: An ice planet controlled by the Thrax and home to the halo people.

Ferges: A tropical planet, largely inhospitable and home to the victer people.


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