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Here, feel free to ask me whatever you wish. I shall post my answers to questions here!

What is your favorite book that you’ve written?
I’ll leave it with this:
Who is your favorite child?

Can I buy your books?
Very soon!

How long have you been writing?
Bloody heck, ’bout forever. Actually, first, I wanted to be an artist. But as I grew, I began loving playing “pretend” and writing stories based off of them. I was that kid that, even though everyone was now running around and playing “grown up”, I charged forward with a sword and howled for revenge of my fallen comrades. Yes. That was me.

What inspired you to write (Harvest)?
Life. Columbine shootings. God. Family. All in all, I sat down and began to write a story, and within the first few chapters, I killed off 21 students in a bloody massacre. I began to question motives, to wonder why people would be driven to kill. So I came up with a solution: for Peace.
Not to mention some incredible artists like:
Adrian Von Ziegler
Two Steps From Hell

Do you plan on getting published?
I would LOVE to be published. To hold my book in my hands, to smell the pages, to–I’m not weird, I swear. Regardless, the answer is yes. I would love to be published. I would adore to be able to live solely on my writing. That’s all I want to do. That’s what I’ll fight for.

Is Harvest your first book?
Bloody Mandalore, no! (If you get the reference, you’ll understand what my first book was.) I’m in the process of editing the already finished first book of a two book series, and have one other book finished as well (that, like the first, desperately needs to be edited).

Will you ever post the other books?
By all means, yes. Saber (recently renamed to Never) has the first chapter available to preview!

Do you want guest writers?
No, not really, no. Because I plan on getting published some day with the books sometimes featured here. SO…no. Probably not.

Do you love me?


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